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Board Members

Susie Cauchi – President/Executive Director

Susie’s passion for bullying awareness, education and support stems from her own personal experience as the mother of a bullied teen who attempted suicide because of the devastating harm bullying did to her. Susie and her daughter utilized local resources and creative practices to help her daughter heal and recover during this very difficult time in their lives. She finds great reward in passing this valuable information and support onto others and is dedicated to helping those who are also being bullied, who bully or who are affected by bullying. Susie recently accepted a position to also work at the national level with Stand for the Silent, featured in the documentary, “Bully”. As Chapter Liaison for SFTS, she assists other community and school chapters worldwide to grow and succeed in combating bullying. Susie is supported in her efforts by her husband and three children and is thrilled to work alongside her daughter and many others to bring change and hope to the community.

marni-harper-bio-photo-1 Marni Harper – Vice President

For Marni, participating on the Yuba-Sutter Stand for the Silent Board of Directors is a privilege. Bullying brought a great deal of hardship to her family at one time. Back when this was occurring, there wasn’t a lot of information out there about the impacts of bullying, and resources were scarce to non-existent. This is why she is passionate about Yuba-Sutter SFTS. They are that beacon in the night – that hope for those who suffer from the pain that bullying can bring to all who are involved. Marni has more than 15 years of fundraising experience. Over her career, she has helped nonprofits raise millions of dollars. She has been responsible for a wide range of fundraising efforts, including fundraising programs directed at foundation, individual, and corporate donors. She is experienced in Board recruitment and development, strategic planning and event management. Marni has a true passion for nonprofit work and assisting organizations in building sustainability.

jessica-dilliplane-bio-photo-1 Jessica Dilliplane – Secretary

Having suffered many forms of mental and physical bullying growing up, both at home and in school, and then as a mother witnessing her son, Damien, be severely bullied in school, is what drives Jessica’s passion and desire to provide resources, education, support and awareness to her community about the the lasting and devastating impact of bullying on the lives of children. Jessica believes every life is precious and unique. Every child has a right to feel special, be who they are and never be hurt in any way for any reason. Jessica wants to assist in whatever way she can to help those in need, whether they are bullied or are the ones doing the bullying. She has the support of her family and her son, Damien, who became a committee member, so that he too could help make a difference in her community. She is proud to be part of an organization that truly cares for and values the lives of each child, teen and young adult.

398 Treasurer – Pending

laura Laura Clauson Ferree — Directing Attorney

Laura has both personal and professional interest in making sure all students have the opportunity to get a good education in a safe place. As a mother, she knows how difficult it is when you have a child who is both bullied and also accused of being the bully. As a lawyer for California Rural Legal Assistance, she fights to make sure all students in Yuba, Sutter, and Colusa have the same opportunity to succeed in school, regardless of disability, sexual orientation, race, national origin, and gender. Laura is delighted to join Yuba-Sutter Stand for the Silent and be part of such a passionate group of individuals dedicated to preventing and stopping the pain and damage caused by bullying.

Alayna Cauchi Bio Photo Alayna Cauchi – Membership & Community Liaison

Alayna was physically assaulted by a girl who, along with 3 others, cyberbullied her for months prior. Because of her experiences of being bullied since the 3rd grade, the struggles she endured years after her hospitalizations as a teenager (twice for cutting and suicide attempts) and the helpful resources she was able to tap into that aided in her recovery, she has found the courage to move forward with a positive message of endurance and strength for young kids throughout her entire community. It does not surprise anyone who knows Alayna that she freely gives out her personal cell phone number to numerous kids in need of a safe person to talk to or who need advice on their own bullying experiences. Along with her mother, she is excited to share her story and solutions in order to help all those affected by bullying.

398 Andre White

img_1772.jpg LaDonna Curteman – Board Member

LaDonna has made a career out of helping other people; it’s her passion in life. As an event manager, she has had the privilege of serving individuals with developmental disabilities and helping women and children in need by raising funds for non-profits. LaDonna brings over 15 years of fundraising event management to the agency and looks forward to furthering the cause of the organization. Like many other board members, LaDonna’s family was affected by bullying and, at the time, SFTS was not around to help. LaDonna is excited to be part of the solution to bring education, support and resources to the Yuba Sutter community.


image1 (2) Stacy Starkey – Board Member

Stacy became involved with Stand For The Silent because her son was bullied all through school.  She believes in the power of positive change, and hopes to make a difference by bringing about positive change in the policies that impact bullying in our school district.

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