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Committee Members

chelsea-chandler Chelsea Chandler – Film project & Photography

My name is Chelsea Chandler. My wish is that one day everyone will realize that they DO matter. You never know the battles that someone could be walking through, so you should be kind no matter what. Everyone is human & everyone has feelings, so you should treat all with respect. The smallest things, such as “caring” can make such an extraordinary difference in someone’s life. Even something as little as a smile can also make a huge difference in someone’s whole entire day. Remember, the littlest things go the longest way. Be the difference.

IMG_0585 Corrina LaBonte – Committee

My name is Corrina LaBonte, I am passionate about this cause because two of my children have suffered immensely from being bullied.  It is important to me that everyone knows they are somebody.

398 Harry Avers – Research
398 Sheila Baker – Parent Support Group
398 Damien Dilliplane – Events
398 Cailyn Francis – Events
398 Fotine HalikasKopriva – Fundraising/See’s Candies/Candy Cane Station
398 Lauren Harris – Events
398 Beth Lopez – Grants
398 Angela Sanford – Events
398 Lauren Santoro – Events
398 Herb Schiro – Senior Bullying
398 Stacy Starkey – Fundraising/Events
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